Thursday, 23 August 2012

Untitled (BY The Vltava), ca 1926, Josef Sudek. Czech (1896 - 1976)


  1. Hello dear Takeo!
    I think you've lost my link, tss... naughty boy!
    I'd like to wish you "Happy Birthday" my friend, I know it's very soon :)
    Hope you're fine! Nathalie from France xxx

  2. Happy Birthday Takeo san!!
    My comment's gone I don't know where...

  3. Oh my dear Nathalie! I dont get used to this NEW blog yet. I didnt notice your comments! Im sorry!
    My birthday was August 5th. we are same age? or I am older than you one year?
    Thank you so much again.
    I hope all is fine to you!!
    kisses and Big Hugs!!!

    Takeo xoxoxoxox